TMV Divali Programme 2011

On Saturday 22nd October, 2011 the members of the Trinidadeshwar Mahadev Vidyalaya held a Function to celebrate the occasion of Divali or Deepawali 2011. The programme started at approximately 3 pm and included the following -
Hawan to start Programme
Km. Jyoti Maharaj Lakshmi Maataa Tuhe Meraa Pranaam as Deyas are being lit.
Sargam Choir performing Divali aayee
Shadaj Students performing Maa Asato Maa Sad Gamaya
Reshabh Students performing Mat Ho Niraash
Tabla Solo in Teen Taal by Shree Rajkamal Maharaj Lahera by Km. Jyoti Maharaj
Senior Choir performing Deepak Jalata
Feature Speaker Mr Seerattan Singh
Scene from Drama Mahalakshmi by Prof. H.S. Adesh presented by students of the centre.
Dr Jaisri Maharaj presenting an item
Sangeet Saarikaa Uma Budhram and Sharda presenting Naee Naee Geet Liye
Sharda Performing
Shree Kalicharan Dookie
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amreeta said...

it was a very sucessful program...everyone enjoyed themselves...especially the little play we had put on...thanks to everybody who contributed :)