Prof. H S Adesh visits Trinidadeshwar Mahadev Vidyalaya

Dr. Marvindra Maharaj Chairing proceedings

Vivek S. Adesh

 V.S. Adesh, Guruji and Gurumaataaji
 Smt Gayatri Maharaj, Divya Maharaj and other devotees
 Guruji Prof. H.S. Adesh

Conversation with Ramdularie Maharaj

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Shivani said...

Great pictures. It brought back lots of fond memories and especialy reminded me of the need for Guruji's & Gurumaataaji's blessings. This will sound really corny but my eyes feel blessed seeing them again. Now I need to do something about being able to receive their blessing directly. Thank you Pt. Maharaj. Please keep posting.