Thursday Morning Religious reflection 21st January, 2016

Once there was a young man walking along a river bank. After some time, he stopped to stare at what was happening in the river. In the river was a holy man who was trying to save a scorpion. The scorpion was on a piece of a dry branch. If the holy man left the scorpion, its death by drowning was certain. Unfortunately, each time the holy person would attempt to rescue the scorpion it would sting him and he would drop it back on the branch. After watching this for some time the young man called out to the holy person. He asked him why he did not leave the scorpion to its fate.

The holy man replied that the nature of the scorpion is to sting and it is remaining true to its nature. He then said my nature is to be good and help others, if a scorpion is remaining true to its nature why should I give up mine.

My dear students, our nature is to be good. We cannot allow ourselves to be influenced by the negative things of the world. When we do things that are not good e.g. disobey rules we make ourselves unhappy. This is because deep within we know it is not right. The formula of life is simple, when we do good and help others we feel good and we are happy.

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